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This company is the worst company ever!The event rewards are delay for half of the time.

The customer services are UNPROFFESIONAL, do stuff not according to their policy/guidelines. By any chANCE IF ONE OF YOU OUT THERE SEE ADS BY THIS COMPANY, MUST AVOID PLAYING THEIR GAME! You'll regret like me. First off, they promise customers/players that they'll host an event, after you completed the requirement.

They sometimes will delay the prize rewarding date. There are a lot of things that are fustrating using their services. If you buy some virtual currency from them, if they make a mistake. Even it's their fault, they don't care how much you paid.

"THEY'LL ONLY COMPENSATE A FRACTIONS OF WHAT YOU'D PAID!" This is outrages! This company objects the Freedom of Speech, no cussing what so ever. Personally, I understand that you shouldn't cuss at other customers. Which is fine by me, but if you cuss at them.

They'll ban you too, what the *** is this company thinking?! Of course cussing is not a right/civilized thing to do, but as a customer I believed I have the right to compain at them with some less offensive cuss words like: a*s, ***, and re*arded. Since this company was so stingy about it, they can't take a single offensive cuss word. Not only that, they hire some scoundrels called "MSA" which was a bunch of unprofessional idiots who help organizing the forum.

Some of these idiots were unproffesional, they'll give you attitudes. Overall this is one of the compay YOU MUST avoid. If by any chance you joined them, please makesure not to give/spend any money on their game.

If you decide to spend your money on them, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!Not guaranteed that you'll be compensated if they messed up something.

Monetary Loss: $155.

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I know this is an old topic, but just wanted to share that now after 3 years it is even worse.

to Anonymous Davenport, Florida, United States #1319871

Even now on April 24, 2017, their customer support is still unhelpful and scripted. I'm glad this company is still *** and losing business and customers, *** even nexon and aeriagames started doing better than them. I remember when there was a time these three had huge player bases, guess OGplannet really lagged behind and deserves it.

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